Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Vendor Mushmina

Welcome vendor Mushmina!  The story started with two sisters who wanted to make a difference in the developing world. One joined Peace Corps Morocco to help rural women develop business skills and the other traveled to Mali to research traditional weaving and metal-smithing techniques. Six years later, Mushmina was born. Our name Mushmina, is an endearing nickname that to us means ‘little sister’.

In Morocco we work with over 9 different regional artisan groups, employing over 75 artisans, both men and women. While we are a cottage industry business (where many women work in their homes) the Mushmina Workshop and atelier is coming soon!See Mushmina's products at:

For tickets, go to: 

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  1. Women rules. Famous women in business are really making names in any aspect of life. I'm so proud to be a woman.